Lokayan Events

19-21 April -Bikaner
23 April - Jodhpur

Lokayan, Bikaner in association with The Kabir Project, Bangalore announces Vaani Samagam 2013

After the life-changing experience of last year’s Rajasthan Kabir Yatra, it is with great pleasure that we announce VAANI SAMAGAM Festival, coming to Bikaner April 19th - 22nd April, 2013 and to Jodhpur on April 23rd.

This year, the Vaani Samagam gives festival-goers the chance to join an intimate Satsang with different local artists from Bikaner.

In contrast to the travelling experience of Rajasthan Kabir Yatra 2012, this year’s events take place in three historical places in and around Bikaner where Satsang tradition is still alive after hundreds of years. The Vaani Samagam provides a platform for local singers who have practiced the Vaani tradition in Bikaner for many years.

We are expecting more than fifty artists from this region to share their rich and traditional style of Vaani singing at this Satsang. Not only will we celebrate the beautiful heritage of our cities with traditional music, we will also hold a huge photo exhibition at all three venues. This exhibition of old photographs will show the historical journey of Vaani tradition in Bikaner.

Program Schedule - 19 April – Village Udasar, Near Bikaner
20 April – Ladhunath Dham, Nayak Basti, Nokha Road, Bikaner
21 April – Bharav Kutiya, Outside Nathusar Gate, Bikaner
23 April - Dhivdutt Smarak (Gaddi), Shivanchi Gate, Jodhpur

For more information, Contact Mr Gopal Singh Chauhan (9928522992), Loayan or email gopalbkn1@gmail.com