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Devilal Patidar

Ceramic Artist

Devilal Patidar was born in 1960, in a village called Sundril in Dhar district, once a small princely state associated with legendary sculptor R K Phadke. Patidar studied art at the College of Art in Indore, a city that has a tradition of fine arts and art teaching. He studied under stalwarts like D. D. Deolalikar, who once taught N. S. Bendre.

Besides erotic art, he is also known for his ceramics, and his work was included in the Contemporary Ceramics Exhibition, along with reciprocal work of British ceramics, in a show held by the British Council and the Lalit Kala Academy. Patidar was also in charge of the ceramics workshop at the Bharat Bhavan in Bhopal, for almost four years, beginning 1990.

His famous ceramics involve subjects like simple rural contraptions like a lamp, which, he reminisces, enlightened many gloomy evenings back in his village. He subtly uses only a broad outline of a lantern, while sculpting his ceramic objects. In fact, he has used the concept of the lamp as a living, breathing object, with some of the parts being suggestive of the genitalia of both the sexes.

Devilal Patidar lives and works out of Bhopal.