Govind Singh

walk curator

Being a native to Rajasthan, Govind has grown up around folk music, culture and tradition of the Marwar region. After graduating from Arts, he started working with Mehrangarh Museum Trust (2004-2010), where he coordinated for various projects related to arts, culture and heritage.

Currently, he works for Jodhpur RIFF as Regional Arts Manager and the production manager and for Sacred Spirit Festival as the head of Folk Arts and production.

Along with his experience and the want to share the true culture of the old city, Govind, curated three walks – Morning, Evening Heritage walks, and the Food walk. The walks are designed around the Brahamapuri area, which is the oldest residential part of Jodhpur, the walk includes a track within Rao Jodha Desert Rock Park, a national ecological heritage site. It gives travelers a chance to experience the local flora and fauna along with authentic local food and their Food
Walk and Cooking workshop is designed for those interested in learning about Marwari culinary.

Govind can speak French and is an authorized tour guide by the Government of Rajasthan.