Leeladhar Mandloi

Poet, Writer

Leeladhar Mandloi is a writer, poet, filmmaker and photographer. He has published 36 books on poetry, literature and culture and produced/directed documentary films on numerous culturarl and literary personalities. In 2018, he displayed his abstract photography work in a solo exhibition at Bharat Kala Bhawan in Banares. He is the recipient of various national awards and honours including, the Kabir Sammam, the Sharmsher Samman, the Pushkin Sammam, Nagarjun Samman, the Dushyant Samman, the Raza Award, the Ram Vilas Sharma Samman, the Kriti Samman and the Sahityakar Samman. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of Vani Prakashan and the Vani Foundation