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S.K. Bhatt

Director of Jaipur Art Summit

Shailendra Krishna Bhatt is the Founder Director of Jaipur Art Summit, an international art event established to promote different forms of art and create a synergy of traditional, tribal and contemporary art among the fraternity and public at large. His relentless efforts for promotion, development and conservations for dying arts for the past 40 years made him a well-known figure around the world, especially for his contribution in promotion and development of tribal and traditional arts through his established platform.

 An art critic, art promoter, blog writer, art event organizer and scholar of the tradition arts “Sanjhi, Mandna, Utsav Chowk, Aarti Design, Flower Installation and “Samaj” and represents the tradition of these traditional arts of the temples which exists for a period around 450 years and has inherited these arts from his forefathers, who were amongst the one out of six Goswamis of Lord Chaitanya.

Working for the last 40 years to promote tribal & traditional art & culture to create interest & understanding in general mass, during these years various activities have been taken up by me like continuous shows of Sanjhi & Mandna Art and young artist’s workshops to educate these traditional arts.

Since 2013, organizing Jaipur Art Summit which includes distinctive art events like International Art Exhibition & Galleries Show, International Art Camp & Artist Interactive Session, Contemporary Art Talk & Discussion Session, Art Installations & Graffiti/ Street Arts, Calligraphy, Tribal & Traditional Art Demonstrations, Art Films & Video Art Screenings, Performing Art Shows and Folk Music Performance.

Having 25 years of working experience with leading MNCs world wide as finance & accounts professional, expert in strategic turnkey management, to gain a clear understanding of organization and strive to identify issues before they become problems.