Shampa Shah

Ceramic Artist

SHAMPA SHAH’s practice in clay is located in the dialogue between the traditional and the modern and overlaps with her writing and curating.

In a three-decade-long journey, she has exhibited widely in India and abroad. She established the Ceramic Section at Indira Gandhi National Museum of Man (IGRMS), Bhopal and headed it for over two decades.

At the IGRMS, Shampa curated important exhibitions around mythology, tribal, folk, and contemporary art and craft practices including the permanent exhibition Mythological Trail.

A five-time recipient of the AIFACS Award, she has also received the Junior National Fellowship of Ministry of Human Resources and of Roopankar Bharat Bhavan. She publishes widely on contemporary art and storytelling traditions of India and has many publications including Tribal Arts and Crafts of Madhya Pradesh published by Mapin.