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Vinod Bhati


Chef Vinod Bhati, currently associated with IKEA India Pvt Ltd as Range and Commercial Manager – Responsible for planning and Development of IKEA food range in India, started his carrier at the Taj group of hotels New Delhi. He was awards various awards during the tenure in Taj group.

Over the years, he has worked with various organizations of repute including his last assignment at the American Embassy in Delhi where he was working in the capacity of an Executive Chef for Delhi and Mumbai operations. He is awarded with the prestigious silver hat award during chef awards 2020 event. He is also instrumental in various culinary events to promote the culinary profession.

He is also in the governing body of the pioneer chef association Indian Culinary Forum which is working towards betterment of the Indian cuisine and the culinary professionals including the students and young food enthusiasts. He is active member India federation of culinary association and also member of world association of chef societies